Vic Johnson: Motivational Speaker and Author 
  • What’s your excuse — part three?  Remember the web video of an autistic kid shooting one basket after another while the fans and even the other team cheered?
  • What’s your excuse — part two?  Nino Savona has a condition that keeps millions of people from living life on their own terms. But Nino doesn't see the disability he's had since he was eight-years-old like other people do.
  • A Thankful Thanksgiving by Jim Rohn  As a person who has experienced over 70 Thanksgivings, I recognize that being thankful is something that we have to work at, even on Thanksgiving.
  • What’s your excuse?  Ben Underwood plays killer foosball and is an absolute master of video games. But so are a lot of 14-year-olds.
  • What you say is what you get  We focus a lot on how powerful our thoughts and actions are and in so doing, we overlook one of the most powerful killers of dreams --- our words.
  • Don’t Quit  In our darkest hour it's hard to see the end of our circumstance. All we can think of is our conditions worsening.
  • Blind to Failure  We have to have a vision for our life, for what we want to become. Most importantly, we have to cherish it and hold on tightly to it when circumstances are telling us that we’ll never see our vision.
  • It’s how you play your cards  I've heard it said that it's not important what hand you're dealt in life, it's how you play your cards.
  • A lesson from Job  Like the biblical Job who said, "the thing I feared most has come upon me," I, too, had thought myself to where I was.
  • The vision of Jay Leno and President Clinton  The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart - this you will build your life by; this you will become.

Chris Baggott's Email Marketing Best Practices 
  • Best Confirmation Emails  Again with the theme that great email marketing doesn't need to be hard, let's talk about confirmation emails. I place an order. Some system confirms my order and triggers an email. The problem is that these emails are normally complete...
  • Marketing Is Easy  Hat's off to Kurt Vetters. Kurt is a very successful medical rep. I don't know a ton about his business, but I guess he is an independent distributor for a specific kind of wound care supplies. What I do know...
  • Many thanks to all who voted for ExactTarget in the ClickZ awards  I just wanted to say thank you to all who supported ExactTarget in the recent ClickZ awards. ExactTarget was voted by their readers as best ASP Email Software. I'm not crazy about the term ASP (Best On Demand Email Software...
  • Some redemption for the email survey experience where credit is due. Maybe I've been too hard on Sofitel. I actually got an email back that reflected some of what I answered in the survey: Now, I think this is great. I replied back and I feel...
  • Seinfeld, Jerk Store and Email Marketing  Remember the Jerk Store episode in Seinfeld? Well I had that moment this morning thinking about my post yesterday on the Email Marketing Survey from my new friend Dave O'Shaughnessy.... What I should have done is reference another Seinfeld episode...
  • How a survey can let you see into the soul of an organization  Is hate too strong of a word to describe how I feel about surveys? Generally there are two things (maybe three) wrong with most surveys: You can tell yourself lies with surveys. Questions can be written to give you just...
  • PERSONALIZATION, FREQUENCY AND RELEVANCY: THE EMAIL SUCCESS TRIO  The Technology Council of Southern California posted a great article from Morgan Stewart. Personalization. Frequency. Relevancy. The potential that can be unleashed by acting upon these three words is significant. Consider, whose CRM database is arguably the online world's...
  • Geat Email Marketing Doesn't have to be Hard  I love email marketing, and I love great innovative email marketing. And I love all of this even more when it comes from normal everyday businesses. Folks that don't have deep marketing pockets or fancy agencies. People who are just...
  • Open It, Read It, Buy It: Email Marketing With The AppExchange  I was fortunate to co-present at Dreamforce a couple of weeks ago talking about ExactTarget and the integration and more to the point, some best practices in email marketing and email marketing in general. Questions are at the end...
  • Email Marketing Best Practices  I'm doing some research for a project and I came across this excellent article. What struck me was how timely it was....and that it was written by Jonathan Jackson way back in 2001. I don't know what happened to Jonathan....

Business Opportunities Weblog 
  • Offer Your Employees This No-Cost Job Perk   Associated Content: If you own or operate a small business, you probably have looked for perks that you can offer your employees to help boost morale, increase productivity and generate some loyalty. However, you don’t have the budget of a big company, so extras like company cars, gym memberships and in-house babysitting are probably too expensive [...]
  • Carnival of Marketing  This week’s Carnival of the Capitalists is up at The Real Estate Tomato.
  • Not So Silly String In Iraq   Time: American troops in Iraq have become masters of improvisation, like bolting jury-rigged armor to humvees to shield themselves from sniper fire and shrapnel. Lately, an even more novel item has joined their battle kits… Silly String. Marines working in Iraq have shown Army combat engineers how it can be used to detect trip wires. Before searching [...]
  • Creative Ways To Help Charities   Personal Finance Advice: The holidays are a time for giving. There seems to be an assumption that the only way you can help a charitable cause is by donating money, but there are ways you can help without spending any money. 1. Donate Your Time. While this may seem obvious to a lot of people, many don’t [...]
  • Biz Idea: Create Your Own Gift Card   Gift cards are more popular than ever. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend $24.8 billion on gift cards this holiday season, a $6 billion increase over last year and an all-time high. If you offer a product or service, you can create your own gift cards. Offer a low cost promotional item or [...]
  • Entrepreneur Helps Others With Alzheimer’s Store Mark Warner graduated with a degree in architecture and a certificate in gerontology. His interest developed into a passion and he wrote The Complete Guide to Alzheimer’s-Proofing Your Home, identifying strategies and products to make homes more dementia-friendly. Once the book was published, readers began calling and asking for the products featured in it. The [...]
  • Carnival of the Capitalists  This week’s Carnival of the Capitalists is up at Show Me the Money.
  • Cashing In On Your Intellectual Property   Greg Brown at Every small business that suddenly grows big is based on an innovation of some kind. What’s less common is that the actual innovator has the focus or financial reach to turn the idea into cash. Learning how to protect your big ideas can mean later turning know-how into a business unto itself. It’s [...]
  • Entrepreneur Offers Tips On Finding A Business   Marco Island Sun Times: Each year, thousands of people make new year’s resolutions. In addition to “This year I will lose weight,” “This year I will stop smoking” and the ever-popular “This year I will stop watching reality TV,” one of the more common resolutions made by many this time of year is “This year I [...]
  • Student Building His Future On Ebay   Web@Devil: Before even graduating from college, Corey Kossack started an online business that raked in sales of half a million dollars last year. Kossack, a computer information systems senior, started Koss DVD - which sells DVDs, video games and books on eBay - two years ago. The business became more successful as he learned how to build a [...]
  • Must See CriticalTV   Business 2.0 Magazine: Sean Morgan dreams of becoming a new type of media mogul. As CEO of Critical Mention, Morgan is plotting some fancy footwork himself. Going up against the likes of Google and NBC Universal, he’s bringing search to TV - and TV syndication to the Web. With Critical Mention, he has a Web-based service called [...]
  • Young Entrepreneur Starts Apartment Shopping Site   The Arizona Republic: Eric Wu and friends thought there had to be a better way for college students to find apartments and rental homes via the Web. Jon Lange, director of sales and a friend of Wu’s since seventh grade, said they started the company because of the frustration they experienced moving every year in college. The company [...]
  • One Cent Ebay Auctions: Beta Testers Wanted  Do you participate in $0.01 eBay auctions? I’ve written a new webservice to make it easier. If you’d like to participate in a free beta, send me an email at
  • Bizop Podcast #9  Episode #9 of the Business Opportunities Weblog podcast is up. In this episode: 2007 is right around the corner. What are you doing in your business to get ready for it Tim Grahl and Dan Portnoy discuss the steps you need to take in order to ready your business for the new year.
  • Seasonal Businesses   Jeff Cornwall: I heard a report on Wall Street Journal radio this morning about another example. It seems that many entrepreneurs with lawn service businesses are also getting into the professional Christmas decorating business. Those of you who live in America’s suburbs have seen the proliferation of ever expanding outdoor Christmas lights and decorations displays. Many [...]
  • Hot Idea: Party Planning for Teens   Entrepreneur: Blame MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 for showing teens nationwide the extremes the super-wealthy go to for a child’s coming-of-age soiree. American teens, who number more than 70 million, want what’s hot at their parties–from bar and bat mitzvahs to sweet 16s, quinceañeras and other coming-of-age rites. Whether you start a new specialty, add teen [...]
  • Learn to Make Money   I just discovered a unique home-based opportunity, that’s really got me excited: They teach people to make money. Period! They don’t motivate or inspire. They teach motivated people how to make huge amounts of money so they can enjoy their life. You will learn: To use a powerful system already in place to [...]
  • Micro Biz: Cardboard Construction   When Andrew McGrew was an elementary art teacher he wanted to build BIG cardboard sculptures with his students. He did a few projects, but there was a definite limit to the size of sculpture he could make using duct tape before it collapsed under it’s own weight, and duct tape didn’t hold up well to [...]
  • Paying Yourself It’s an age-old conundrum that faces every entrepreneur planning their business: What do I pay myself? There are a lot of different theories when it comes to this issue, but the two most common for startups are: 1. Pay yourself enough to get by. At least during startup until you are operating in the black. 2. [...]
  • How to Get Referrals   Seth Godin: Make it easy for someone to bring up what you do (by changing the nature of the service or product). Give your best customers something of real value to offer to their friends (a secret menu, a significant gift certificate). Once you do that, not giving that gift to a friend feels selfish. Paying me to [...]
  • Start Your Own Coffeehouse   Entrepreneur: Whether it’s a drip, a latte or a cappuccino, Americans are addicted to their coffee. According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America, specialty coffee was an $11 billion industry in 2005, up from $9.6 billion in 2004. But some historians theorize that what Americans are really looking for in their cup of joe is [...]
  • Committee Wants eBay to Report Seller Revenue to IRS A United States IRS advisory committee recommended the IRS require Internet business sites to get tax identification numbers from all sellers, according to USA Today. It appears this non-governmental panel wants to put the burden on sites like eBay, requiring them to collect tax ID numbers and report sellers’ income to the IRS. Blame eBay in [...]
  • Restaurant Site ‘eBay’ Style, which launched in Glasgow in March, now has more than 80 restaurants on board, taking in excess of 700 bookings a week. Registered users can use the site to bid for meals at top restaurants in auctions or haggle directly with the restaurants over meal prices. Sukhvir Dhillon said he saw a gap in the [...]
  • Credit Cards Fish For Small-Business Biz   USA Today: Small-business owners face an onslaught of choices as companies blitz them with new credit card offers. American Express just launched a cash-back card aimed at small companies. Visa this month is rolling out a card targeting small firms with big appetites, those spending $25,000 or more a year. Discover entered the market for the first [...]
  • Niche Biz: Party By Mail Kristen Manolis has parlayed her love for social events into the launch of Decor-In-A-Box. The New York-based Web business delivers by mail the items you need to stage a party for eight, 12 or 25, in color schemes of red, white, green, silver, gold and chocolate. The basic box for eight starts at $250, with Italian [...]

Flyte: web marketing strategies for small business 
  • Welcome, Carolyn!  Yesterday flyte welcomed Carolyn Phillips to the crew as our new project manager. Right now she's job shadowing Beth, learning about flyte, our clients, and the projects we have in the hopper. However, with over 10 years in project management...
  • Internet Marketing for Socially Responsible Companies  Are you looking to market your business on the Internet, but your concerned about being labeled as a spammer? Or you're not sure how you can compete against companies that may hire black hat search engine optimizers to rank artificially...
  • Have You Noticed More Spam Lately?  Clients often ask me why their opt-in email newsletters are getting blocked, while emails targeting under-endowed men and promoting penny stocks are getting through. eWeek, which is become one of my must-reads, has an interesting article about the recent spam...
  • Flyte Views  Although it's been a few weeks since we've moved into our new abode at 136 Commercial St., Portland, Maine, we're still not 100% settled in. Regardless, I thought I'd share a few photos before we head out for Turkey dinners...
  • Of Ceiling Wax and Shopping Bots  Tonight I'll be on 207, Maine's evening news program, talking about Web sites that make finding the perfect gift easier, or locating the watch or earring a celebrity was wearing (or a cheap knock-off), or how to find the best...

Web Classifieds Blog 
  • At Last…More Online Storefronts!  We would like to announce three more online storefronts. Here they are: MyBookMarket.US MyBabyMarket.US MyKitchenMarket.US MyMediaMarket.US MySportsMarket.US If you visit right now, they are still being worked on, so give it a few days to be dazzled.
  • More Online Shopping Storefronts  As you may recall, yesterday I mentioned that I set up a new web store with tons and tons of items. Well, last night and today, we completed 4 more sister stores. They compliment our classified sites. Their addresses are: MyAutoMarket.US MyPetMarket.US MyCycleMarket.US MyBoatMarket.US This makes twelve websites that comprise the DotUSNetwork.
  • New Online Storefront  You have to check this out: UpMyAlley.US This is a new online shopping storefront. Through some pretty neat technology, we are able to pull in every single item from This is huge, because while being able to offer an extremely large variety of products, we are able to micro-target our classifieds audience. Say for example, if [...]
  • Now Listing On Lycos & Vast  We would like to announce that we are now feeding our classified listings to Lycos and Vast. This is a huge benefit to our members, as their classified ads are being spread across the internet on the most high profile websites. Not only are the classified ads EXTREMELY searchable by search engines, but now, in [...]
  • Free Classifieds Oodle & Google Base  We recently upgraded our Oodle feed and Google Base feed for our Free Classifieds website. Now, on both Oodle and Google Base, your ads that have photos attached to them on our website will have their photos show on Oodle and Google Base. Showing photos on classifieds websites dramatically increases click-through rate. We have already had an [...]
  • Smart Advertising In Affiliate Marketing  Affiliate marketing is all about the promotion of products of an online company. The affiliate sign-ups with the advertiser or marketing arm of the online company and the affiliate becomes an active searcher of potential clients. Such set-up of affiliate marketing can become easily successful if the affiliate is aware of the importance of advertising. Advertising [...]
  • Free Classified Categories  Just an FYI. These are the category listings for our free classifieds site. There are many items for sale. You can always find these categories in the right hand column of this blog. Antiques & Collectibles Art Auto, Cars & Trucks Boats Books & Magazines Business Opportunities Clothing & Fashion Computers & Internet Electronics & Cameras Employment Events Finance & Money Food, Beverage & Tobacco Health & Beauty Home & Garden Jewelry & [...]
  • The Power Of Viral Marketing  You certainly know by now that the term “viral marketing” is not just another dot-com cliché. Quite the contrary, it describes the incredible, unmatched power of the Web to promote your business by marrying email to the traditional concept of “word-of-mouth.”  Viral marketing, the concept of making each customer a marketer by encouraging word-of-mouth referrals, is [...]
  • The Art Of Writing Powerful Classified Ads  One powerful little classified ad can make you a fortune! It will sell your product or service for months, even years, to come in any advertising venue you choose. On the other hand, a weak ad won’t produce enough income to justify the time it takes you to write and submit the poor little thing. Writing [...]
  • Put Some Punch In Your Classified Ad  Classified ads are the world’s number one cheap way to advertise. They cost just a fraction of a large print ad. And you get your classified ad in everything from an email newsletter to USA Today. Most classified ads are either hard to understand or not terribly exciting. To get sales, you need people to immediately understand [...]

Great Finds 
  • The Device of My Dreams…  Having misplaced my personal cellphone and with my Treo battery finally burnt out once and for all, I am - for the first time in years - completely immobile. It’s only been a day and already it’s gnawing at me…. sure I can buy a new battery for the Treo… of course I may find [...]
  • Search: Can One Size Fit All?  There’s no doubt that the big 3 of search have done an amazing job bringing relevance and order to the endless number of web pages and documents accessible to the internet. But still, when you’re researching a niche topic, you sometimes have to wade through a lot of noise to find what you’re looking for. [...]
  • Black Clouds on Cyber Monday?  With Black Friday behind us and the so-called Cyber Monday now upon us, a follow-up to my colleague Jeff Hollowell’s post from last Monday is in order. First, imagine yourself among the throngs of midnight holiday shoppers in the above photo from today’s New York Times (looks like fun, doesn’t it?). Then contrast with the [...]
  • Giving in to Google  When I recently ran into a former iCrossing colleague - now a paid media guru at a small SEO shop - I tried to feel him out on the subject of mobile. Were his clients asking about it? Did his company have any plans to expand their offering? “Nah,” he said, “no one’s using mobile [...]
  • Keepin’ it Real  Managing your company’s reputation online is now more important than ever. In the social Web scene, companies are members of the society, just like people. And they are judged on their character, just like people. Recently, McDonald’s and Wal-Mart have arguably slipped in character by launching flogs (fake blogs) and are now in a bit [...]
  • The coolness of library science(!?)  Some might say that only a researcher would describe library science as “cool”. I would answer that anyone equipped to organize massive amounts of disaggregated data into findable information is completely cool! Take search data for example — in any given category there are millions of searches a month and over a billion a year. [...]
  • No, It’s *My* Space  Last week ended with headlines that Universal Music Group (UMG) is suing MySpace for copyright infringement, the latest such move by the content giant in its efforts to police the social media space (UMG previously sued and No one can argue with the need for effective copyright protection, for the sake of both [...]
  • See you next holiday season.  With the retail holiday season already here, there are those who are too late to the game. I speak of those retailers who weren’t thinking ahead and are now lost in the wonderland of holiday search engine results. I looked at a couple of big retailers and wondered why they didn’t approach natural optimization of [...]
  • Barr on Search Boom  I came across this clip today posted on FishbowlNY featuring an interview between Larry King and Roseanne Barr. The discussion between the Boomer Barr and Senior King is focused on the joy of search. Roseanne tries her best to relay to King her information epiphany as result of her access to internet search. However, [...]
  • Searching is a constant reality.  I am constantly suprised that people think searching starts and ends on a search engine. People search online and offline, hoping to find the information they need, want or think they want; people, like me, are always asking questions and hoping to find the answers. I ask questions and seek answers through search engines and [...]

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